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Puretch film for photoetching fine lines

I own a company that specialises in technical innovations in the
area of fine art photo-etching. I am the exclusive distributor of
Puretch, a UV sensitive photopolymer film designed for high
resolution image etching. Puretch is the highest resolution film
available. Transparent positives that can be used are inkjet, xerox,
laser, ink/wash drawings, pencil-crayon drawings, kodalith, imageset
positives, etc. If you need to reproduce fine line detailed drawings
to metal, Puretch is it! Puretch is sold in 2’x10’ rolls and is very
affordable. I am a printmaker but I think this and
product would be of use to some of the members here. For processing
Puretch without graphic arts equipment, read the Solar Instructions
(link is on the Puretch page). Thank you,
Jennifer Page Cape Fear Press