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Pure Silver


On 12-Dec-96, Dinesh Mahtani (Dino) wrote aboutPure Silver Polish:


DM(> We are interested in hearing about the methods people use to
DM(> polish tarnished silver objects. We deal in a variety ofitems
DM(> including Jewelry, Flatware, etc.
DM(> Additionally, we are keen to learn about different products
DM(> used, recomended products, and new products.

G’day and Kia ora: for cleaning tarnish on silver most
professional jewellers here use a proprietary liquid called
"Goddards Silver Dip" and keep a bottle in the back of their
shop to clean silver ware which hasn’t sold too well. You dip,
wait ten seconds and wash well That’s all. It is made in
Britain, I think. And the folk remedy for removing tarnish is to
put washing soda in a basin of hot water and add bits of scrap
aluminium, when the mono-molecular hydrog= en gas produced
reduces the tarnish (silver sulphide, mostly) to silver.
Goddards also do a variety of silver care products - all of which
work well.

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