Pure gold bench-trick

Here’s another pure gold bench-trick from yours truly the untrained

Put a piece of nice thick white drawing paper (or whatever paper,
pref. not scrawled upon with unrelated scribble) on your surface–
(I of course use antique quartersawn oak flat-file drawers, and a
bench made from a section of old rock-maple bowling alley…), tape
it down (old cast iron tape dispenser at all locations).

THEN: Spray your paper with a liberal coat of REPOSITIONABLE
SPRAY-MOUNT (at yer local art/graphics-supply).

All parts, however small or large, yes even those pesky little tiny
stones, will then stay just where ya put em. The glue lasts about
the life of the job, then it dries out. Leaves no trace. And best of
all you can draw/write with pencil nest-to/near anything-- check it


Here’s one that I like,

Buy an adjustable window screen (homedepot) to fit and put in your
bench catch tray, the screen filters out your scrap from the
gold/silver dust, leaving you with clean tools, hands, and a nice
pile of dust at the bottom of the drawer.