Purchasing wire for classes

Hello everyone, I’m teaching a jewelry class to kids on the 12th of
August, and I need to purchase wire for the projects. I’m looking for
gold fill and sterling wire in 20,22 and 24 gauge, and also some
similar gauges in jeweler’s bronze aka merlin’s gold. If someone is
placing an order soon, I’d love to join up with you and get a better
quantity discount-- I am basically volunteering my time for this
class, but I want the kids to have good materials.

Please contact meif you are placing an order or if you know of a
place with the best prices-- I already have a few suppliers (like
Tripps) but would like better prices.

reply to aerael@hotmail.com

Hello D. J.

You asked about buying wire with someone for a better discount on
supplies for a kids’ jewelery class. I’ve taught a couple such
classes (2 hours, one meeting), and although I give the kids about 4
feet of 22 or 20 gauge sterling wire, I also give them a few feet of
copper wire from the hardware store, in the same gauges. They
practice using the copper wire, then advance to making their final
project with sterling. That cuts down on the need for so much silver
wire, and reduces costs.

You don’t say if this is a single class or a series, but an ounce
each of the wire gauges you mention will surely provide enough for
several students. You can do the math, but I suspect that what you
save by combining orders with someone else is likely to be eaten up
by the expense of sending your materials separately to you.

Good for you in volunteering your time and knowledge to teach the

Judy in Kansas