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Purchasing graver sharpener

I am thinking of purchasing the graver sharpener. You know the round
one with a spinning disc. What I am wondering is are they that much
better than the stone method? I used one at Fargostines mini
workshop, but that’s been 8 years ago Scott Isaacs

Berry’s Jewelry Co-Nashville, TN
cad/cam designs

Scott, I bought one last year and now Iam addicted.My gravers are
razor sharp.It is worth it.I would by the Blaine Lewis tape he has
tips on Graver sharpening. Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Just a little excursion into my history and shaping gravers. During
my early apprenticeship many decades ago I was taught that the hardest
thing is to sharpen and create a graver without ‘softening’ it on the
grinding machine. This process took me only 6-8 months to learn.
Whenever I teach a class of students at their shop, the first thing I
look at is their gravers. The rest of the teaching is that much more
easier. good gravers makes the work easier to get done. No setter
blames ‘his’ tools!

In Canada, each and every graver costs about $15.00 each, and it has
to earn me a living. so a poorly made graver is not for me, it must
be formed with great care and maintained properly! hands on teaching is
also good as well as the video tapes, try both,eh?
gerry, the cyber-setter,eh!

Scott, just read your posting on “graver sharpeners”, let me just ask
one question, where were the setters of years ago and their machines
before this ‘gizmo’ came into vogue? I rely on the olde addage, if its
new,… fine, but don’t forget to use the old hand method of
sharpening. If your machine breaks down…do you know how to sharpen
it again with the trusty #2 emery paper, and 2/0 and 4/0…6/0
polishing papers? are you to say to your client " oh my machine broke
and I can’t work!"

Setters of even today still use the older methods, nothing wrong with
them, just in case, remember what was available back when! I still
use the “Bull Stick” to clean inside of the flush-setting, and also
with a right-sided graver #2…:>) all of my gravers are cut and
shaped by my hand!

gerry, the cyber-setter / teacher / instructor / ?