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Purchasing granules

Hi all, I was looking back through the archives at the granulation
discussions. I had remembered the company SPM in New York as a
supplier of the ready made granules at a steep cost. They seem to
have morphed into a totally different company now. Two other
possibilities mentioned were Allcraft and Ellen Nelson, an Orchid
member, mentioned having made and sold some granules. Ellen are you
still out there somewhere? Did you ever receive enough interest to
start selling granules again? Has anyone found any new sources for
ready made granules out there? I will be experimenting making some of
my own but would love to know about any suppiers as well. Thanks for
any info anyone can share-Carrie Nunes


I ordered from SPM quite a while ago. While they have changed their
website (, I am pretty sure that they still
sell the granules in fine silver and 22k gold. Call them if you have
not already. If you need silver, I may be able to sell you some of
mine. I have probably 1/8 ounce left (a guess) in the medium size.
They are extremely expensive.

It’s not hard to make them. If you buy 30 guage wire, you can wrap
it around a square wire- I use a bobby pin. Then cut down one side to
make tiny jump rings. This way you have the same amount of metal for
each granule, which gives you granules of all the same size. Melt
them with a torch on a charcoal block.

Good luck