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Pump Drill and other home-made tools

   One of the other neat items we used was  a gasoline

A woman I know was trained in Mexico using a gasoline blowtorch

  • the mouth-blown kind. She says once she figured out how to
    blow and not breathe the fumes too much, it worked great. She’s
    used other torches since then, but she still thinks what she
    learned on was one of the best.

My eternal thanks to whoever mentioned that alum could be used
as a pickle. I’m very happy in my tiny little home studio now
with a Microtorch (which works fabulously, btw), my flex-shaft
(the tool I love most of all), and a pot of alum pickle on the
stove. Only one piece left to do and I’m done for the year!

~kara (in freezing but beautifully sunny San Francisco)