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Publishing Successful Distance Learning Lessons

Hey everyone!

I’ve been writing and selling distance learning lessons (how to’s)
for a few years now and business has begun to get busy lately. What
started out as (distance) private lessons is now turning into people
buying and using my lessons (against copyright warnings) in shops
and classrooms. I think its time for me to take these successful
virtual books and turn them over to a publisher.

Anyone got any connections? I’d like to cut straight to the chase…

The lessons are good to go: already written, edited (through feedback
by my distance learning students) and have tons of color photos. In
other words, it could be a pretty quick turn around for any publisher
that is interested in buying them. Combined, there are a few hundred
pages. Separately, they range approximately from about 25 to 75 pages
each. Some of the topics include soldering (a bezel), fusing, basic
wire and fabrication projects. Each virtual document focus’ on a
different technical skill and/or project.

I’ve been working in metals since around 1982. Teaching adults since
1986. I’ve combined my skills as a teacher (professor and workshop
instructor) with technical writing, Adobe Photo Shop Editor and
Instructional Designer to write up my lessons. You can see my
workshop curriculum (and resume) at

If you know a publisher or publishing agent please forward this them.

Iris Sandkuhler

If you know a publisher or publishing agent please forward this

Write up a book proposal and send it to Lark, for one.

They have complete instructions on how to write the proposal on
their website. Send your proposal along with sample “chapters” and

The nice folks at Kalmbach also accept proposals.

You could also self publish, as do other successful writers such as
Judy Hoch and Celie Fago.

Book: The Well Fed Self Publisher; forgot the author, should be easy
to find.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay