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Seems like there may be some interest for people in a book on
filigree work. Seeing as how my day job is partly doing book layout
for text books, I’m thinking to give it a try. Someone suggested Lark
Press. Does anyone have any other suggestions for good publishers to
work with for jewelry books?

Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway

Hi, Jeanne: You asked about publishers of jewelry books. I’m an
assistant editor in the Books Department at Kalmbach Publishing,
publishers of Bead&Button, BeadStyle, and Art Jewelry magazines. We
are fairly new to publishing jewelry books but are actively seeking
manuscript proposals. If you’re thinking of seeking a publisher for a
book on filigree work, please consider contacting me. Your work is
lovely and it may be a subject we’d be interested in. I don’t know if
you’ve seen Art Jewelry magazine yet (it’s new), but it focuses on
creaing jewelry with metal, wire, stone, clays (PMC, polymer), and
other materials.

I hope to hear from you!

Julia Gerlach
Assistant Editor, Books Dept.
262-796-8776 x493