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Publication about bracelet construction

Hi Everyone! I decided to subscribe to Orchid again though my new
email address at my new job. I missed you guys! 8)

In any event, I figured this the perfect place to inquire because I
have been on the hunt for quite some time now for an awesome
article/book/website etc. about BRACELET construction. Tennis
Bracelets, Bangles, Cuffs, Clasps and how to build the models, the
whole sha-bang. All the info down to the smallest details.

I need as much as I can on bracelet construction. How
much they should weigh on average to be comfortable, what pieces to
construct for casting, what should be done by hand etc., what to keep
in mind (i.e. distances, measurements) when making the models=85

The last few bracelets I made were okay, but I want to really create
some bracelets with PERFECTION, and would love to consult with anyone

Thanks for any advice or pointing me in a good direction! Chat soon!

Kim Fraczek
Creative Director
LID Diamond House
20 West 47th St.
Suite 600
New York, NY 10036
P (212) 980 7500 x311
F (212) 888 9011