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Proud pearls on rings escaping

HI, I am having trouble with proud pearls on rings coming off. They
have a hard life and are pinned in the standard way.

However if worn every day will free themselves after one year. If
anyone has some advice about how to secure a 8mm button/round pearl
that can stand the above punishment please educate me. I am in need
of help concerning techniques and different materials available and
what their properies might be.

Kind regards,

Hello Paul Watson

I’m sure someone will comment that pearls are fragile enough that
they should not be worn as an everyday ring. However, you asked
about alternatives for mounting pearls on rings. I have two

This is a nearly glue-less way to mount pearls on posts, although I
always use epoxy as well. The post should be a snug fit and
slightly shorter than the hole drilled in the pearl. Cut a slot in
the top of the post and insert a wedge of (the post’s) metal into
the top of the slot. Put the pearl onto the post; the wedge will be
forced down into the slot as you press the pearl down on the post.
The wedge spreads the sides of the slot so that they expand against
the sides of the hole. This method does not allow for later removal
of the pearl - the metal must be drilled out.

Another, less permanent mounting with epoxy is to rough up and kink
the post a bit so that it is not smooth or straight. When the epoxy
sets, the post is sort of “keystoned” in place and doesn’t slide
out. It can be removed by heating the metal a bit to soften the
epoxy, allowing the post to be withdrawn.

A mounting that protects the pearl is a good idea. Some decorative
metal that rises around the sides of the pearl will take the worst
of the abuse, and loosening becomes less likely.

Hope this helps. Judy in Kansas, where after two days of
winterstorm, the sun is shining brightly - get out the sunglasses.