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Protective finishes for copper jewellery

Hello Orchid-folk!

I have been searching for a good protective finish for copper
wire jewellery. The local market seems to prefer a shiny, low
maintenance finish. I make each piece of jewellery out of a
single continuous strand so good coverage is a concern (because
of the spirals, etc.). Any and all suggestions would be much


Rio Grande has a good lacquer that I have used sucessfully on
copper and brass.

Lynn Bell
Crystal Legends

You could try a spray laquer, or better try polishing your
pieces - carefully! and with a good grip - with beeswax or
parafin wax. It might be worthwhile to experiment with polishing
your wire before you bend it, since trying to machine polish a
finished piece might be a bit treacherous. Other options include
clear nail polish. I love to see a picture of your work!


Dianne Karg, B.A.A.I.D.
WRAPTURE wire jewellery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I knew a guy who made about $80,000 a year with hand forged,
polished, brass jewelry (he did work rather hard), but he swore
by turtle wax, and I figured he should know. Designed for metal,
expansion, contraction, UV, changes in temperature, weather, etc,
so just about any car protection product should be fairly good.

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