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Protecting Patinas without altering color/sheen

Hello John,
Thanks for your response. You’ve given me the courage to forge ahead. I have a new oven thermometer and that was how I determined the little oven dials were not true indicators.

When you say “flow out”, does that mean the coating goes clear?

Yes. And you time from that point because how soon that happens depends on how big the piece is. At higher temps my silver started to yellow. so I had to keep lowering time and temp until I found a balance.

Thanks. I was wondering about how to keep the silver from yellowing due to the heat. Experimenting seems to be the answer.

Bring up the fine silver first.


Hello Noel,
Thanks for the input - good thought too.
I pretty much use the tarnish-resistant alloys. I think it will be
interesting to see how each alloy and the standard .925 behave.

Judy in Kansas

My understanding is that the iridescence is an interference pattern, like the colours you get with heat coloured titanium. Any coating will alter it - I never coat my heat-coloured titanium pieces. When they get dull from handling, a gentle brush with a soapy toothbrush works really well. I protect oxidised silver or heat-coloured copper with 2-3 very brief squirts of pastel fixative followed by a gentle polish with a felt wheel.