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Protecting kiln floor


Hi everyone,

Just starting enameling and am looking for a good way to protect the
floor of my kiln. Is there any other - less messy - way than kiln
wash? I also use the same kiln for wax burnout - should I use a
separate one for burnout and enameling or is it ok to use the same

Thanks for your help!


I use my kilns for all burnout, pmc, if I were to enamel I would use
a kiln blanket I believe wash is just cheaper.


I like to keep my kiln free of any enamel drips, and always use a
ceramic shelf on the floor of the kiln, covered with a good coating
of kiln wash. Any enamel drippings will land on the shelf and not on
the floor of the kiln. In fact I have several shelves in reserve
sothat when one needs to be recoated, I have another ready to use
while the recoated one dries thoroughly.

I got my shelves from the ceramic supply house, and had them cut to
size to fit the floor of my kiln.

Yes, It is possible to use your enameling kiln for lost wax burnout,
but asI like to keep my enameling kiln absolutely clean and free of
any soot from the wax, I have a separate programmable kiln for
burnout. Alma