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Protecting joints and stones from heat - new possible material

Just watched this on Youtube and wondered at the implications in jewellery use.
An easily home made putty to protect against heat using baking soda, cornstarch and pva glue.


On this topic of protecting stones from heat. I remember many decades ago that bench jewellers used the common practice of wrapping their delicate stones in … ASBESTOS. My gosh how times have changed!
Gerry, on my iPhone

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Remember using it in and out of school with bunsen burners in science classes Gerry .
I also remember playing with handfuls of mercury, it’s a wonder we survived at all.

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I found this video fascinating. I watched the Starlite TV program in the 90’s with my father, we were equally fascinated then. Now I have to wait until I can re-establish my workshop facilities before I can play with the idea.