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Protecting and making a new line

I have a client who’s looking to make a new line and have it

I’ve seen this thread here before, can anyone give me some tips to
pass along to her?

Thanks David

    I'm hoping you can help guide me with a new project that I'm
    working on. I've got an idea for a piece of jewelry that I
    would like to manufacture, copyright and mass produce. This is
    my first attempt in this realm and I'm not sure where to begin.
    I have contacted the copyright people and have registered on
    line for an application. My questions are as follows: What do I
    need to do to protect my idea, Do I need some kind of contract
    with any persons that I involve in manufacturing, and do you
    have any resources for manufactures that do quality work? I
    look forward to hearing from you. 

David Geller

A little tongue-in-cheek, but only a little. She needs to put the cart
BEFORE the horse. First you make a piece of jewelry, then you see if
anybody actually wants to buy it, then you get all nervous about
copyright. As a manufacturer, I give people who are paranoid about
their designs a wide berth. The diamond business, and by trickle-down
the rest of the jewelry business, is built on trust and integrity. The
fact that her main concern is writing a contract means that she is
outside the loop, and therefore probably needs a lot of babysitting.
Almost all designs by newcomers are not as “wow” as the designer would
like to think, and even if they are, going into a manufacturer with
guns blazing will get them nowhere fast. Tip? Yes, everybody will
understand that she wants to, and has a right to protect her
intellectual property. What she doesn’t get to do is turn that into my
problem, and if she comes here and displays distrust, I’ll show her
the door. Some paper for her piece of mind is reasonable, distrust is
not. People come here, and elsewhere, all the time to have things made
for them - several Orchid people, in fact. She needs to get over
herself and realise it’s business as usual…