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[pros and cons] working at home [yak]



Thanks for your comments about working at home. I am trying to
get myself going this spring building a 12x32 workshop out back
to start (gradually) my own work at home odyssey. The tools have
all been collected over the years for the casting shop, they just
need a place.

During the day I work as a counselor with a lot of "disabled"
people. Most of them are masquerading as dead people who have
failed to fall down. I tell them “disabled isn’t dead”. In the
US the federal government defines you as disabled if you can’t
get to work every weekday with just a sick day and a vacation day
per month. Being unable (or unwilling) to fit in to the joyless
experience many people call work ( isn’t it really livelihood,
with the accent on the lively??) shouldn’t really be considered
that much of a liability. For some of us, our biochemistry is
going to betray us should we try this stunt. Others are going to
get away with it for years and then drop dead of a coronary. I
try to focis on the “ability” rather than the “disability”. I
think everyone needs the sense of identity and accomplishment
whether or not they need the money. My poor clients with the
disability check are seductively lulled to the couch and then
they wonder why they never feel good or get better.

It’s tough to find out where you fit sometimes, but well worth the effort, I