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Properly Polishing with a flex shaft


There was a pretty good thread on them a few months back. It started
off with me wondering why so many people seem to think they’re so
incredibly dangerous.

(as in the ‘chainsaw class’ comment below.) They’re not. I’ve used
one for years, and still have most of my original parts. (The
missing ones are marbles, so that’s not the lap’s fault.) I can’t
remember exactly what the headers were but search on my email
address, and ‘lap’ or ‘flat’ and you should get there.


At least one arm rest is the minimum. 

If you have a “proper” jeweler’s bench, which puts the bench pin at
roughly eye level, then your need an arm rest. Those on table tops
or whatever don’t face the same problem. If you raise your elbow all
the way up to the benchtop, it can and usually will pinch the nerve
under your shoulder that goes down your arm (don’t know the name or
anatomy of it), giving you a numb arm that will take weeks to go
away. That is habitual, long time work, not just one time. The arm
rest lets you raise your arm high enough, but not so high that it
pinches that nerve. Having been there and done that more than

Hi Jeff,

You make stuff and I seem to remember that your hubby knew which
end of a hammer to hold. Make one or two rests, the quality and
ease of working go way up. 

Seems like the way to go. I’ll have a good look at my bench and at
the bench exchange pictures and see if I can figure out a way to
make arm rests for my bench. Thanks.


If you have a "proper" jeweler's bench, which puts the bench pin
at roughly eye level, then your need an arm rest. 

Yes I do have a “proper” jeweller’s bench with bench pin at eye
level so I’ll look into fitting it with arm rests of some sort. I do
have a problem with pain in my shoulders when filing for extended
periods on the bench pin. Thanks to all for the advice.


Such an excellent explanation of the details of your process, it’s materials and stages deserves a round of applause! Thank you. I feel very confident going forward.