Proper use of for Orchid?

Dear Fellow Orchid Members I have a problem that I would like
some feedback on …Recently I had a bad buying experiance with
a person on EBAY ( he was not a registered user so I was taking
a chance ) …the stones he sold ME were trash and I have not
been able to recover my money …I have his name address and
email address …here is my question is Orchid the proper place
to issue warnings about bad people /shows /dealers ect.ect or do
you think this would cloud the purpose of the forum? Thanks for
all the time spent answering this question , also htis would not
be a " flame " just a simple who it was with a warning …
Thanks again Ron

Hanuman’s Note:

Dear Ron; I am afraid that Orchid is not the place for Personal
, We do however welcome *alert messages that have a broad
interest to the trade. Pls refer to the FAQ page for more details.