Proper ring size assortment

What is a proper assortment of ring sizes within same style

Hi, folks. I’m looking for some feedback on what you think would be
the proper assortment of ring sizes for the same style of ring.

I am going to make about 5 to 10 womens’ rings of the same style to
be displayed and hopefully sold at a store. I was wondering in your
experience what would be the best breakdown in sizes if I make 5
rings in the same style.

The same question if I have a total of 10 ring in about 3 different
styles. I was thinking mostly size 7s. What do you think?

If you’re selling in the U.S. everyone’s fingers here seem to be
getting thicker. I size a lot of ladies rings to 8, 9 and even 10.
I’d rather size rings down (usually) than the other way.

Paf is right about fingers being larger. I recently did a show and
was amazed that the ladies rings that sold were 8, 9, and l0 sizes.
Not one of the size 7 and below sold.


Alma- Wow! 8,9, and 10? Oddly enough most of the rings we make are 5
and 6. We’re in the same part of the US too.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

john -

afraid i’m not helpful in giving ring size advice - i tend to find a
strip of silver, cut it in half lengthwise or across and get on with
the ring. i’ve found shoppers to be more caught up in design than in
size: one shopper told her friend, who was in love with one of my
rings, “if you really like that ring that much, you’ll FIND a finger
it fits!” my rings are one-of-a-kind so they run middle of the size
range - check out the fingers of a cross-section of
friends/associates or get un-hung up about putting out a gazillion of
the same design and go for ‘unique’ at any size instead.

good luck - ive who tells women their jewelry should make a
unambiguous statement instead of a wishy-washy whimper.