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Propane torch with oxygen regulator

Hi again, Shari and other torch fanatics, I need to correct the
details of my post yesterday. The 5 lpm concentrator I have, a
Devilbiss 525DS, puts out 10.65CFH and 8.5 psi. This is slightly
less psi than Paige tips lists as max pressure (10psi) for it’s
largest melting tip. The Little Torch rosebud is listed as requiring
14 psi max and 5CFH.

So the numbers are a little different than the 14 psi I erroneously
quoted. As to whether the higher flow rate (CFH) makes up for the
lower pressure I would leave to the experts. It may be that the
Devilbiss wouldn’t allow you to melt a full 3 oz. of gold that is
claimed for the Little Torch. One of the 5 lpm concentrators should
run all but the largest tips for a Meco, which does have a couple of
tips with larger orifices than the Little Torch.

So my conclusion that a 5 lpm concentrator would work for all but the
biggest melting jobs done by jewelry torches would seem to still be
correct. The 5 lpm machines seem to be around everywhere. Folks
sometimes do try to resell them, but they really are not by law
supposed to be resold for medical use without reconditioning. So you
might find one fairly cheap. I paid $145 for mine and saw many under
$200. Certainly a lot cheaper than a new larger model if it suits
your needs.

Good luck whichever way you go. another alternative for tankless
soldering would be a water torch and there are several cheap Chinese
models of these available under about $350. But that’s a whole
’nother discussion.