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Propane tank safety

My understanding from the fire dept., who inspect my store every
year tell me to remove the propane so if there was a fire, the
tanks will not be there to explode and kill fire firemen. 

Interestingly enough, my old neighbor who was a firefighter told me
something else. I had my tanks chained to a heavy 4x4 post, they
told me that the biggest danger was the end of the tank igniting and
it acting like a torpedo. He said they seldom explode but can shoot
themselves through any number of things like cars, brick walls and
fire trucks.


Propane/LP tanks explode. (Of course you could be talking about some
other types of tanks…I have no way of knowing.) My neighbors house
burned the other night and the LP tanks stored in his garage exploded
with unbelievable force. The pyrotechnics guy who worked on the old
TV show Miami Vice, and who was a customer of mine when I lived down
there, used LP tanks to create those huge explosions on the boats.