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Propane gunk & regulator

To all:

When I move from one shop to another a few years ago I noticed the
same gunk in the propane gas regulator I used. No problem with the
hose at all.

I use a common RV propane regulator for my torch so it is not a
special jeweler’s regulator. You don’t really need anything else. A
flashback arrestor is on either the torch or the regulator itself for

My propane tank is a disposable one pound cylinder and lasts quite a
long time, even for casting. The low pressure regulator is preset at
about 4 pounds of pressure. These regulators are commonly used for
barbecue grills also. For both bench work and casting this type of
regulator has been more than adequate for many years.

Getting back to the gunk, I just bought a new regulator after seeing
all the Vaseline like material in the old one. It still worked fine,
but I did not want to try and clean it out and still use it because a
new one was fairly inexpensive. A new one is all of ten to twenty
dollars. T grade hose is a must no matter what. The gunk was there
even with the T grade hose. It was just ten years of use that made it
look that way.

The fittings from this type regulator are available from an RV
dealer or RV service center. You can choose either the regulator type
that just screws into a disposable propane tank (Smith makes one of
these), the acetylene tank adjustable pressure regulator (works fine
with propane), or the one that screws into a larger refillable
propane tank (not for indoor use in my neck of the woods).

My first choice is natural gas, but with all the concerns about
blowing up gas regulators I have gone back to propane for all my
torch fuel needs. Once a low pressure flashback arrestor is available
I will switch again to natural gas for my bench fuel, but prefer
propane for all melting, casting and annealing.

All the best & be safe,

Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College

FWIW - after 15 years of using low pressure natural gas, I finally
installed a G-Tek pressure booster for my natural gas line. I really
like it except for the noise.

Judy Hoch