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Propane adapters and Irish Suppliers

Howdy Barrie, I’m not sure about disposable tanks but recently had a
short conversation in Home Depot with a couple who were returning to
England. We were all shopping in the ‘grill department’ and I butted
in on their seemingly confused conversation about refillable tank
fittings. The issue seemed to be more of concern over fitting our
’new style’(larger diameter-hand tightened) fittings with, an 'older’
tank. I recall asking if their tanks were the same as ours and seem to
recall that the left-hand internally threaded valve body was the same.
We did find adapter fittings to allow their grill to be used with an
older tank. I suggested they buy 2 in case one got ‘exchanged’
accidentally. Don’t know if the newer fittings have made it across the
Big Pond’. I hope someone else has better info. on the diposables.
Carl 1 Lucky Texan