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Propane Adapters and Irish Suppliers

I have a silversmithing student from Ireland who would like to
purchase all her tools here in Canada, before she returns to Ireland
next month. Are the fittings for disposable propane tanks different
in Ireland (and/or Europe) than they are here in Canada (and the
States)? If so, is there someplace to purchase the adapters in
Ireland or England? Secondly, are there any jewelery suppliers in
Ireland she should know about?

Thanks for any help you can offer,
Barrie Edwards
Windermere Designs

Hi My names Ed Dawson (Master goldsmith), native of Ireland .contact
Des Byrne 011 335 56 63490 mention me, he will then be very helpful,
he’s a master silversmith and on the board of directors of the assay
office and goldsmiths hall.

You can also fax 011 353167 946 47 thats cooksons Ireland for your
bullion requiremnts. The system for gas in Ireland is different
usually use butane and different tanks and nozzles. Phone directry
inquiries for the number of Philp J. Dix jewelry suppliers (tools),
hes in Dublin City on Aston Quay.

Ed Dawson
Master Model maker
making models for the jewelry trade

The best source of tools in Ireland is Philip J. Dix & Co., they are
on Aston Quay in Dublin and are very helpful ask for Jim. As for
Jewellery supplies, what are you looking for? Bullion and metals, try
Cooksons PMS on Grafton Street in Dublin, Findings, try Findings
Ireland also in Dublin. Stones, I have always gone to England for
these, try R.M. Weare in York. Try and get a copy of The Retail
Jeweller always a good classified section. The Craft Council of
Ireland are located in Kilkenny Castle and are very helpful in
supporting all types of craft work, they also run short jewellery
courses throughout the year as well as a full-time course.

Hope this is a help

Neil KilBane