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Propane, Acetylene etc:

   I am still hoping to hear form people who have had gas leak 
 incedents in their homes.
I haven't seen any of those either . . . don't you think the
accidents (if frequent) would be posted for all to see?  Makes
me think that "theory" may not be "reality."

It probably wouldn’t hurt those of us who represent either of
these viewpoints in this discussion to refresh ourselves about
the element of sophistry in logic and philosophy. The reasoning
in the paragraph above is flawed. Just because you have not
heard of these instances does not negate their existance or
possible existance. Think about it!!

I consulted the office of the local fire marshall, who supports
the potential hazard viewpoint. Now, in cases of fire, whether
explosive or not, I place the fire marshall very high in
credibility! If, for the sake of discussion, we accept the fact
that there is a high potential risk, reality could be said to
represent the possibility of that risk actually happening, and
the statistical rate at which it might happen, or the
possibility it might happen.

I’m bothered by the possibility of the problem occurring, what
you are calling the “theory”. For the record, it is no theory
that these gasses behave as they do and therefore present this
possibility of an accident. So I’m bothered by the POSSIBILITY
there is a potential problem. This is one of the risks I choose
not to take. Ok, so I’m chicken! I like my family, and this
poses a potential threat to them as well. I like the home that I
have finally paid for. I like the furnishings and simple works
of art in that home. I am not prepared to put these people or
possessions at risk. If I had them not – I might risk my life
or wellbeing, I don’t know.

As for your consideration and possible acceptance of the risk –
I cannot speak for you. I would hope that as my friends,
although I have never seen your face or heard your voice, that
you would consider the fact that there is a high potential risk,
and not blindly and unknowingly assume that risk. If you choose
to accept the risk, I can handle that. Be sure you understand
the risk, though.

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I use Propane for brazing/soldering. It is not easy to detect
propane leaks because Propane is heavier than air, making the
Propane lie on the ground/floor. It has a smell put in it to
make it easy to detect. That’s all I know. I have heard of
Cylinders of propane exploding in high temperatures. Richard W UK