Prong settings for practice, where to find?

Greetings everyone. I’m not typing on my Ipad for once so hopefully
my word spacing does not appear with errors like it magically does
when I compose email from an Ipad.

I’m hoping someone can please tell me where i can find well made
Tiffany style 4 prong un-notched settings for rounds or other but in
sterling. You know, the common one you see with the little peg on the
bottom but is usually in gold, or palladium.

I want to just simply practice notching my own and setting stones so
I don’t want to buy gold for this. (I’m self teaching for the

I know silver is to soft for proper setting and that’s probably why
you normally see white gold or other hard golds, but I saw that Fire
Mountain Gems sells ready made silver rings with a 4 prong tiffany
style setting.

So I’m assuming that’s not gold but silver. Does anyone make a
silver alloy with nickel to harden it like they do with White gold?

Thank you,
Rick Powell

Many heads available in ss


Rick- When I teach stone setting I buy silver crowns from Stuller.
They can custom make most of their gold findings in silver. Call and
ask. They say it will take a little extra time. Usually only one more

I have my students solder the crowns to the top edge of a small
copper rectangle so that hey can hold it in a ring clamp. In the old
days we used to saw a penny in half and solder the crown to that. Not
any more unless you have some very old real copper pennies saved.

Best wishes and good luck with your setting.

Jo Haemer