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Promoting jewelry on facebook pages

Hi All. I’m on Facebook as an individual, but am thinking of creating
a second page to promote my jewelry. For those of you who have done
this already, I’d really appreciate hearing advice and details as to
how you use it and what the effect has been. As usual, thanks Orchid!


I have a Facebook page for my jewelry and it is a great way to get
free advertising. I get a lot of sales, and international sales and

They have a place to add a “shop” where you can link it to an Etsy,
or Ebay style shop. They also have a “promote” ability, where for a
small fee they will get you viewers of a picture you post. You choose
how much you want to spend and the will promote it accordingly. $5 -
5,000 views etc. You can customize your page to suit what you have.
Everything explained and easy to use.

Allan- Facebook is a great place to network, but not so much for

We use a regular web site for our business. We do custom order
mostly through galleries and retail stores. so we don’t have stock on
hand. " You make jewelry? Where can I see it?" “Well it’s all gone.
It’s sold before we make it. Here’s our web site with our work.” We
mostly use our web site as an online portfolio of our work to start
a conversation with customers about what they want.

Have fun and make and sell lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

I know several people who have built interest in their work through
facebook and now make regular sales of thousands of dollars. I have
watched them grow over several years. They also were doing shows and
brought clients with them to FB as a place to network and let them
see new items as they were made. For individuals like me it is a good
advertising place. For larger jewelers it also is a good cheap
advertising place. There is no such thing as too much advertising and
people rely on social media more than we would all care to realize.


I agree that Facebook is mostly a social venue, not so much for
business and making sales. A website is a great overall way of
presenting and promoting yourself and work. I believe you need to
consider the demographics for your work too. From my experience,
Generation X is not using FB muchmore than for sharing pictures and
media topics of their own interests. So, I don’t think it matters
whether you have a biz page or not… I have both.



There are many great examples individual jeweler’s facebook pages on
the MJSA facebook page.
Check them out:

Happy Friday!

facebook has it’s uses for promotion. But there are some things many
people overlook in the terms of service that you should be aware of.
This came up in a FB jewelry/metalsmith/lapidary group I’m in. A lot
of people, well, most, never read the Terms of Service of anything,
let alone setting up a business FB page. There are certain things
which, if FB choses, they can use as grounds for booting your page
from their site, including having your contact details/website URL
etc embedded in your cover photo. Read more about it all here:

While most people do many of these things and never have an issue,
if FB wants to shut down your page or gets complaints, you could
loose your page, all it’s likes and subscribers without any recourse
other than to start over.