Profitable hand engraving

I am a hand engraver and I can tell you that it is very profitable.
But, you can’t learn it in a 1 week course. At Gem City College we
spent the first week learning the most important thing, how to
sharpen our gravers. Then 2 weeks learning to draw a slant script
alphabet. then several weeks more learning how to cut it. We went on
from there through the same process for vertical script. old
english, block and then monograms and releif carving. I finished the
course in 6 months. Some were faster, some were slower. It took a
lot of practice after that to become fast and competant.

Not to discourage you, It was worth every minute and you can name
your own price because yes hand engravers are even more scarce than
hens teeth. But there is a good reason why, it’s not easy.

John Wade