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Professional Wax Carver-Modeler seeking freelance work

Hello my fellow Artisans,

I have been following this forum for five years now, reading
different views and taking in many of the useful ideas people have
expressed. After so much time, I have decided to introduce myself.
My name is Lee Lyssimachou and I live in Greece. I am the owner of a
small and thriving business that goes by the name of �Lee Feenix Art
Workshop�. I studied the craft of jewellery making at the �Mokume
School of Jewellery Making and Design� in Thessaloniki in Northern

I specialize in two major sections of jewellery.

  1. Exclusive hand-Made jewellery and all that it entails (i.e.
    different techniques such as reticulation, granulation, stone
    setting, filigree, mokume, niello, repusse, inlay as well as working
    with different metals).

  2. Wax carving and modeling.

I would like you all to know that I�ve decided to expand my business
further by working freelance for any company or individual who is
interested in having prototypes made in wax for their different
jewellery lines or wish to have � apart from their fine hand-made
jewellery � a small but inexpensive line of production jewellery.
Even if you want a specific piece that is hard or even impossible to
do directly on metal, I will be happy to accommodate you.

Please contact me off list at; if you�re

Thank you,
Lee Lyssimachou.