Professional level wax courses

Dear List: Can anyone recommend professional level wax courses in a
full-time format? I’ve carved lots of wax but never had any training
so there are many gaps in my abilities. Is the GIA 6 week
comprehensive wax course suitable for someone who has had experience
or is it just for beginners? Have any of you had any experience with
courses in Europe or Asia? I’m open to any ideas that will lead to
professional level training. Thanks for your input. Regards, Lev

New approach school .com Check it out Blaine has awesome courses.
Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Lev I’m not quite sure what you mean by a full-time format, but I
suggest you contact Kate Wolf ( ). She
teaches at New Approach School for Jewelers, (1 (800) 529-4763)
Welcome to New Approach School for Jewelers and at her own studio in
Maine, I
think she will be able to answer your questions and provide you with
a challenging quality workshop. She has an industry background,
(Franklin Mint), makes master models and packs a lot of information
into her 4 day classes.

Linda Moughemer

Lev Contact Yanna Blacy in Aspen, Colorado. Her 'Waxmaster" technique
(2000 Masters Symposium at Revere Academy) is comprehensive
instruction and her experience in (& tips from) the couture jewellery
world are invaluable. She’s a TFG!!!

Barbara Heath
Jeweller to the Lost:

I am a student at the Texas Institute Of Jewelery Technology. This is
in Paris Texas . Here is a source to follow up on. -

Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology (TIJT) Paris Junior College
in Paris, Texas is offering several short courses in 2001. They are
hands-on and designed to refine the skills of technicians so they may
keep up with current and new trends in the jewelry industry. Classes
are one or more days in length and run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Comprehensive and focused the courses are designed for different
skill levels. There is a perfect course for the person who has little
experience as well the jeweler who has spent years at the bench and
is looking to learn and/or refine new skills. All are held on the
campus of Paris Junior College. All material and equipment for
training is provided so that the technician can devote their attention
to the work that at hand. Those attending may also bring their own
tools. At the end of each session the student will receive a
certificate of completion. All of the sessions will help the bench
jeweler prepare for the JA Bench Jewelers Certification Program.

Shannon Calloway Phone 903 782-0249

The Second semester ( Waxing, Casting, and Jewelery repair ) is about
to begin next week. There will be a summer semester begining next
Monday. This will run untill Aug 15 th. The classes will begin at 7:30
and continue untill 4:45 Mon to Thurs . I have one project to finish
this week and a final test before I begin on Monday. The classes,
ciriculum, and instruction are very professional . I am taking the 4
semester course leading to testing by J. A. and certification . There
are two other semesters offered which I intend to take if I have the
time. I believe that there are 80 plus students enroled here. there
are a number ( 15 to 20 % ) who are foreign . Please excuse this short
and truncated anwser, but I have my hands full with this class. I am 55
years of age, medically retired and too young to quit, So I rented my
house and ran off to Paris to learn another trade . I am certified as
a journeyman in three skilled trades. I have served apprentiships and
trained apprentices so I believe that I have some basis for saying
that the training here are world class. It just happens to be in a
Podunk Junction Texas small town ( there are no decent radio stations
locally ) . Here in this version of Paris, you will only find
culture in the Buttermilk and Yougurt. The physical plant ,
Instructors , and students are all world class . I hope that I have
helped. Please email me and I will answer as I am able as I am months
behind in my email correspondence .

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer