Professinal Advice - hourly wage


$11.50 per hour is chump change. You are being ripped off. If you
have good bench skills and good management skills and are capable of
also teaching. Then I would say that you are worth twice that much.
But I also know that considering what it takes to learn this trade
most of us are underpaid.

John Wade, Wade Designs

Unappreciated…what is our hourly wage?

JCK comes out with a salary survey…every year, I think. For some
reason I can only find my copy from Nov. 2001. Check into it though.
They give salary averages from different sorts of stores (ranked by
yearly sales), different job positions within the industry, men vs
women, bonuses, benefits, and for different regions in the US.

I was once told by an instructor (I’m a bench jeweler) that the
jewelry industry can be very lucrative…as long as you are working
or owning your own business. I’m not complaining about sales
people…they are a very necessary key part of our business…I just
have seen in my personal experience that they get paid a lot more
than the jeweler/artist. I feel we should be more equal. I need
them to sell the stuff…and they need me to make it. Anyway…that
is just me be down on this rainy overcast Ohio day.


What is the value of your work? $11.15/hr plus 1% of shop work is
how much? In most of the US, $11.15/hr would not be enough to pay for
living costs. It would also depend on your standard of living. I only
know this. When I was out of work, I would have taken any job!

Now it would appear that $15/hr is not enough to attract local help
to run stores inside the terminal at the Cincinnati International
Airport. Delta Airlines flies in people from other countries to take
these jobs.

I would be happy making $15/day if everyone else wasn’t gouging me
for their services. I had car trouble once. I fixed it myself for $2
in material and one hour of cleaning the EGR valve. The trouble codes
disappeared, because the differential pressure returned to normal.
The garage wanted almost $900 for the repair. grrr They can charge
whatever they want. I don’t have to take my car there. I can’t blame
them. They are charging what it costs to run their business.

What does it cost to run the business you are in? It may be that
they are charging a fair salary for the amount of sales being brought
in. It could be that you need to find a business that is doing

We are supposed to be hiring a technician soon. Do you want me to
notify you when the job is listed?


maybe i’m straying from the subject here but;

        The garage wanted almost $900 for the repair. *grrr* They
can charge whatever they want. They are charging what it costs to
run their business. 

For a repair that took you an hour and 15 bucks, and you are giving
these creeps the ok for 900$ because that’s what it takes to “run
their buisness” that is sickening and pathetic, deplorable, not
true, and a total rip, dp