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I wanted to share some thoughts on productivity that might be
helpful. I recently met with an art marketing consultant, and a SCORE
advisor for a little assistance in that area and others.

One suggestion was to look at the whole year, and see where the money
is - a task that obviously will take a year to really consider. Also,
to simply divide the year into a variety of seasons, in a sense, so
that you aren’t doing everything all the time, but there is some
cycle to activity.

Another was to actually write down what you spend your day/hours
doing - every day for a week. It’s easy to then see where you’re
getting tripped up, and what your natural rhythms are as well.

I then spent some time in my studio “mapping out” on large pieces of
paper, in colorful pens (so it would be fun not work), some of the
issues I was grappling with in terms of art vs. craft, art vs.
commerce, my commercial work as a writer vs my art and jewelry work.
To make a long story short - I’ve made this part of my daily
practice, to help focus me for the week, the day, etc. I’ve also
taken to making my TO DO lists on these large sheets, again as a tool
that’s more playful.

Just a few cents worth that I hope are helpful.

Riva Weinstein