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Production pins

I have a dance studio that wants to reproduce their logo into a
pin and also a necklace. It is a long name that needs to be
printed very small. Does anyone know of a source to get pins
made. Would be several dozen at a time in silver and a few in


Joe Kilpatrick
Expressions With Metal

Hi Joe, If it’s going to be an extensive run, or you’ll get
repeat orders - as for graduating classes or whatever - you may
want to look into a local who does die-struck pieces. The initial
cost is worth it, and the consistency of the pieces is terrific.
Otherwise I, too, use the stamped letters & numbers from Stuller
or Rochester Findings (Yay Rochester Platinum!) if the run is
over twenty pieces or so.


Hi Joe, If the peice is going to be enameled, I would suggest
getting a metal mold cut, having the mold injected with plastic
patterns and then casting the plastic patterns. This method
produces very crisp lettering and allows a depth of cut deep
enough to take enamel very well. If your interested, I can
direct you to a man in Oklahoma who does a fantastic job on the
molds with a precision CNC milling machine and charges a
reasonable price.

Good Luck!
Ken Sanders
Waco, TX

You can also find someone that has a lazer engraver and do the
art work have it cut out in plex-a-glass then cast it mold it
then reporduce it. Not hard at all and most of the lazer stuff is
hooked to a computor so the art work (style of letterting) is
what ever you want… Hope this helps as I have done this and it
works out great… You can even change names and dates on class
rings the same way but it is a job and a half…


JB What is a standard use for a laser engraver? I’m just
wondering what sort of business uses this equipment, and what is
the cost of having work done. I’ve used a printing company to
supply me with magnesium plates of my art which I mold. I never
have been real satisfied with the accuracy of the plates though.
They have too much of a slope between the surface and the base of
the art on the plate, and that limits the detail I can use. I’d
love to find something that had a straighter cut (like class ring
lettering). The mag plates are very cheap though, a 5"x5" plate
only costs me $12. or so, and I can put a lot of designs in that
much space. Any info would be appreciated.

Rick Barnes
Gainesville, Fl.