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Production casting equipment For Nariman

So are you a Memco Rep? I think it is a bit uninformed to type cast
(no pun intended) all other casting machines as inferior to the
Memco. I will agree that for the money it is an economical unit but
so is a Yugo. There are some machines out there by Nutec, Galloni,
Yasui, and more that offer much better production quality. I have
used them all extensively. In fact I was stuck in Indonesia for a
while running a production facility with six Memco machines and would
have given my right arm to be rid of the units. I would have loved to
have had something with a positive pressure neutral gas vacuum
assisted medium frequency induction casting capability. The use of
any type of resistance casting is obviously an improvement over using
a torch, but induction casting offers a tremendous increase in
quality over resistance casting. As for the quality of the Memco
itself it always impressed me as being a bit sloppy. But then again
that is just an opinion. For anyone out there getting ready to buy a
casting machine I would suggest going to some shows and checking out
the units of every type first hand. In the end you have to decide how
much you are going to spend on the unit and what your future growth
may demand. On the up side I did agree with your other solutions to
increase his production quality. If his current machine works and his
casting process can be altered to improve results he should not
change equipment. Sincerely,
Thomas at Clear light Jewelry Restorations