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Product Review: Castaldo's Super Cera injection wax


Hi All;

Just thought I’d let you know my take on Castaldo’s Super Cera
injection wax. Pretty cool stuff, in my opinion. It’s listed as “very
carvable” and as injection waxes go, I’d agree. I was concerned that
it would be too brittle to get out of the mold. If you leave it in
the mold for over 10 minutes, it does get pretty easy to break. I’ve
found if you take it out a minute or so after there is no evidence in
the sprue cavity that it’s molten, it’s pretty tolerant to jerking
around. It’s a credible, realistic gold color and quite opaque, which
makes it fairly easy to “read”. I suppose this is a plus if you’re
inclined to show injected waxes to customers, although that’s not an
issue for me personally.

My main reason for going to a carve-able injection wax is that I get
repeat orders for pieces I have molds of, and usually these come with
the request that the rings be sized up or down, larger stones put in,
etc. I needed a wax that would make that easier. So why am I plugging
Castaldo’s product? I get no compensation from them, other than their
generosity in occaisionally sending me samples of some of their new
products to try. The one drawback on the Super Cera is that, at least
from Stuller, the minimum order is 5 pounds, which, for me, is a lot
of wax. I was concerned I might be stuck with 4.5 pounds of wax that
I would never use if I didn’t like it. So, I thought if anyone else
was having the same quandary, I’d let them know what I thought of it.
I expect, however, that I’m going to want to get a second wax
injector for a different wax that’s tougher if I end up doing pieces
that require more yanking on to get out of their molds.

David L. Huffman