Product photo sharing online

Does anyone post photos of their work on websites? If so, which
ones? Flickr? Picasa? I don’t know what’s the best one at the
moment, and I can’t seem to keep up.


Hi Monica,

I a lot of my jewelry friends, as well as friends who use other
artistic media, seem to like Flickr the best.

I am currently considering my best options for a website (who to
build it, who to host it, etc). So much to learn!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL

I do not for the simple reason, many of them have in their terms,
that they own the rights to the image.

Since I fundamentally disagree with this, I abstain.

I put pictures of my work on Pinterest, Facebook and Photobucket.


I am currently considering my best options for a website (who to
build it, who to host it, etc). So much to learn! 

I suggest or Square Space.


Try Free Website Builder: Build a Free Website or Online Store | Weebly it simple and free, my

Kind regards Pawel Bielawski

I’ve been using Image Event for 14 years. I pay a yearly fee for the
Premium Package and can set up albums with images that are easy to
share. Right now I have 77 albums and 6500 images. They do NOT own
my images, they are protected when I create an album just for
sharing with people via a link. You have many options while creating
your albums.

Kind regards,

I just re made my website myself (never done any thing like this
before!). I use Fat Cow to host and then compiled the website with a
drag and design program called Weebly within Fat Cow. Have a look
and see what you think: Shop silver and gold jewelry in organic shapes and textured metal. – Wyckoff Smith Jewellery

Good luck,

Hi Michelle,

I think your site looks really great. And I find your work
interesting and well made as well.

In addition to being a goldsmith, I am an amateur musician, and have
put up aquick site for my orchestra using Weebly as well. See I think it only took me one
day to write and post. I cannot think of another tool that would let
me do that so quickly. I have my own website, but it takes a lot of
time to maintain, and I too am thinking of switching my commercial
work to something simpler like Weebly.

Nice work!
Good luck!