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[Product News] Groovy Tool and Clamp

Burton Design introduces the =93GROOVY=94 TOOL and CLAMP, an
innovative accessory to the flexible shaft machine. The purpose
of the tool is to cut precision 90 and 60 deg. grooves in flat
metal, to permit bending with small external radii. Metal workers
making boxes and frames (up to 8-10") will be pleased at the ease
of use, replacing time consuming gravers and files. Pleating and
folding can also be achieved - as in jewelry pieces. The 90 for right angle bends, and the 60 deg. allows 120 deg.
bends. The tool covers the range of 26 to 14 metal gages and is
easily adjusted. It uses a carbide cutter, and utilizes a sealed
ball bearing to run along the cutting guide. The tool shank is
designed to be used with the Foredom #30 Jacobs chuck, or #44
collet chuck. A companion clamp has been designed which permits
a starting cut and one or more finishing cuts. For an illustrated
brochure contact: Burton Design(310)476-2700 or e-mail