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[Product Alert] Gemstone Manufacturing of Simi Valley


Just to let everyone know. Gemstone Manufacturing of Simi Valley,
CA. Has stopped manufacturing, servicing, replacing or repairing
their gemological equipment. They made vibratory tumblers, and lots
of other lapidary equipment.

One of their tumblers that I own had its motor freeze up, so I
called them to see if I could bring it in. They informed me that not
only were they not making the equipment anymore, but they weren’t
servicing the equipment that was still out there. This tumbler was a
year old.

When I attempted to talk to them about this, their attitude was
clear: tough luck…we can’t be bothered…what do you expect us to
do about it? The last bit is a direct quote. They told me that
Raytech back east might handle my repair.

Raytech was very helpful, but the gist of it was that it would be
easier to purchase new tumbler…from them, than to bother checking
out or repairing my fairly new tumbler, due to the distance and the
shipping costs.

Gemstone Manufacturing, says that they are now in “product
development”. May I suggest that no one support or purchase any of
the new products that they may develop, as they do not suport any of
the products that they have already developed, and they have a clear
disregard for their customers.

I am now stuck with three of their tumblers with no recourse but to
buy new.

Lisa, (its hot , its cold, its hot…wish the weather would make up
its mind) Topanga, CA USA