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Producing verdigris using malachite and azurite

Was: Fusing 22 karat gold

Greetings All,

Thank you to All the Kind Contributors who have helped me on my
journey. After a month of research and inquiry I have learned that
the method used for granulation can also be used for sheet to sheet
connection and wire to sheet connections. This is the path I will
explore. Along the way I came across something I felt others might

Here is an application for a patent, filed in 1908, by Georg
Schneider. The application is for the Process of Producing Verdigris
using malachite and azurite. [PDF file]

If I may be indulged further a new question has developed. Which is
the best copper salt to join 22 karat gold; copper acetate, copper
carbonate or copper oxide? I will use gum tragacanth (that I found
online, thank you), a little Batterns flux and plenty of

I am making copper acetate (verdigris) according to the instruction
in this video but it takes a month and would like to try a faster
method. Any thoughts?

Kind regards,
Lois Gore

Greetings to All the Fine People of Orchid,

Research can be so much fun. An inquiry about verdigris led to
finding a PHD thesis submitted by Robert Baines, in 2005, to RMIT
University, titled "The Reconstruction of Historical Jewellery and
its Relevance as Contemporary Artefact. Wow!

If this interests you google Robert Baines Jewellery.

Robert Baines offers many fascinating videos. Here is one of them.

A heartfelt Thank You to all the kind generous contributors on

Lois Gore