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[Process] Casting Equipment


I saw a process in which someone was designing by carving on a block
of hard wax and casting small metal handles. Round rubber molds with
what looked like a metal strapping around them were also used. They
were using what looked like a kiln with a hole in the top and pouring
hot metal (?) in the middle. I was interested in doing this, but
have only used a centrifugal machine a long time ago. Does anyone
know what equipment and process was used for this—the was, kiln
(?), crucible (?), mold material? Thanks in advance.


Hi, I believe what you may be describing is a pewter/white metal
casting system. A round rubber mold (usually black or white in color)
made of organic rubber is inserted into a centrifugal machine that is
designed to clamp the mold shut and allow the operator to pour molten
tin/ Pewter /lead/ zinc into the mold through the center opening in
the mold while the machine is spinning. There are a number of pieces
of equipment and a reasonable amount of various skills required to be
successful at this. A 3 post or 4 post vulcanizer capable of 30 tons
of pressure under controled heat as well as a number of different
size mold frames are neccessary to make the molds. The vulcanizer can
cost around $3500 new(maybe more) the frames range from $150-$500
depending on diameter and height required. The small centrifugal
casting machines can handle 9" to 12 " diameter rubber molds up to
4" thick and can easily cost around $3000 + depending on the model
selected. The metal is normally melted in a gas fired melting system
with a reasonably accurate temperature control system and a ducted
hood to remove heat and fumes from the metal( some metal alloys may
have cadmium and/or lead in them but many metals available are lead
free and cadmium free depending on the aplication.) the furnace and
controller should be around $2500. and now all of this has to be
installed , wired , plumbed …etc… Much of this machinery is
available as used equipment at lower prices from a variety of places.
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Daniel Grandi


Marge, What you are looking for is termed Spin Casting or White Metal

Best Regards and Good Luck. Neil George