Problems with Romanoff

Hey out there-

I’m just throwing this out there for those of you who do business or
are thinking about doing business w/Romanoff.

I ordered a smaller-sized vulcanizer from them…best price out
there-YEAH!!! However, this ended up being a problem…long story
shortened-they charged me twice for the first one and then re-ordered
another one for me the next month. This was obviously not w/my okay,
but they had all of my billing info on record…NOT ANYMORE!!! It’s
really sad too because I love their products…this was just a very
bad situation and I wanted to give a heads-up…


I bought a complete casting system from them years ago. As time
passed on, my digital automatic melting device became broken. After a
call with mister Romanoff we agreed to send it up and have it fixed
by them. Cost, p&p on my account as agreed. After months, I called
them back to hear what was going on and what happend with my melting
device. They claimed that they never have seen this piece of
equipment…lost !!! I tracked down the postal service and found
out that the package was delivered and on the exact address.

There equipment is still running, no problem at all but their
service is far behind friendly and second I didn’t get any service on
this repair…not even an excuse! I never deal with them again and I
bought a brandnew melting device from another company. I wrote them
an email in order to let them know that I wasn’t interested anymore
in any of there products and to stop their posting towards my e-mail.

I do order from Rio and other american company’s, believe me, I
NEVER had any problems with their services. Straight forward any
ALWAYS friendly and helpfull. They don’t care on howmuch you order.

Sorry for the Romanoff’s but hey lost me a long time ago and they’ll
never see me back

Use this mail as an info and not for any other reason.

Have fun and keep the service high. It will pay back…for shure!!


Orchid Members:

I forwarded the email C.H. posted to Romanoff. I want any company to
be aware of what gets posted on Orchid that is negative and I think
that it is fair, as I would want to know if someone posted something
negative about me or my business.

I also think that using the internet to post negative comments to a
possibly large audience should be considered very carefully and
after other methods of communication have been tried without success.
This is the email I received back from Romanoff:

Thank you for forwarding this email to my attention. Since you
took the time to read her "rant", I would like to explain to you
what happened between our company and Ms. Hufford. 

Ms. Hufford had purchased a vulcanizer from our company this past
June and we shipped the unit out the same day. 

Unfortunately, no error on her part the order reappeared in our
system a month later and we sent her another one. Obviously up
set, Ms. Hufford called our company to express her "thoughts". We
immediately sent a UPS call tag and credited her credit card. 

She called us back and asked what we can do to prevent this from
happening to her again. I first explained this has never
happened to us before and I sincerely apologized for her
inconvenience. I wanted her to know we are an honest 60 year old
family company. 

To confirm she would never be inconvenienced again, I explained
to her all her would be removed from our system and
noted "not to contact her in the future for further business". 

Richard, I again I appreciate you bringing this blog on Orchid
to my attention. 

Best regards,
Brian Romanoff
Romanoff International

Now we have both sides of the story.


I would be very upset if I had that happened to me. It must have
been a genuine error.

I have known Romanoff for the past 30 years and done business with
them ever since.

I have never had any problems with them and I do know the owners

They do offer good products, services and are a reliable suppliers
to our industry.

Just a satisfied customer / vendor I am not connected with them in
any way.

Kenneth Singh
Ring Tools Inc


I forwarded the email C.H. posted to Romanoff. I want any company
to be aware of what gets posted on Orchid...

I applaud the action you took on this posting. We as a community need
to really think before firing off a post that could have a dramatic
affect on a person’s livelihood or company’s future causing loss of
jobs. I am as guilty as the next person for hitting send before I
have completely thought out what I was saying or the impact of my
words. But as a rule I leave controversial responses in my draft
folder until I can come back and reread them before sending. As the
saying goes the pen is mightier than the sword. But it is a sword
that cuts both ways. I have received many referrals for work because
of Orchid. (Thanks Orchid!) So think before you post. Your words may
not only cause irreparable damage to a person’s livelihood but they
could come back on you and damage your reputation and your ability to
do business. Remember, what you post on the internet never really
goes away…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan

I ordered an Indotherm Super “PGS” Casting Machine from Romanoff a
few years ago. This is a relatively technical piece of equipment and
I was concerned with the purchase and ongoing support. I have found
the delivery and follow-up, ongoing support, and consumables provided
by Romanoff to be remarkably professional and appropriate.

By the way, my sales person is Frank Deluca and I certainly
recommend him to any of you who are interested in this great casting

Jeff Raymond
Bezaleel Mfg., Inc.