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Problems with Metalliferous

More than two months ago, I ordered some Sterling at Metalliferous
in NY. I received my order, but as I didn’t like a couple of things -
bezels, washers (the quality of which was poor), …- I wanted to
return then and get a refund. So, I called David Feldman to get a
return authorization number. That’s what you need to do according to
their catalog. ‘Never mind the authorization number’ said Feldman,
‘just send to my address and I will take care of it’. So, I sent it
back to David Feldman and, for once, I didn’t insure the package, it
was only 35 or 40 dollars anyway. And then I waited. No answer. So I
emailed Feldman and he said he never received my package. It’s weird,
because I send packages all over the place and this is the first time
ever that something gets lost. ‘These things happen in NY’, he said
to me. Well, I needed some silver to reticulate for a project. I
ordered some. It never arrived. I guess he’s afraid that I won’t pay
him. Well, he can keep his silver. I will never do business with him
again. I just don’t think it’s fair and the fact that he never sent
the silver tells me that something dishonest was at work here. Come
on, what is the chance that a package gets lost. USPS works very well

  • never had any complaints - and my address was on the package. Poor
    attitude. Little people. Best, Will