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Problems with Kassoy NYC

I need advice, and support.

Kassoy NYC, AGTA member sold me a $3500 microscope and told me it
was made in Canada. I have been waiting for over a month for them to
return my money for this item.

It was made in China. You can pick up a microscope made in china for

AGTA requires complete honestly from suppliers.

Whether it is a ruby they are selling or supplies.

Being a Canadian I will spend more on Canadian Goods and refuse to
pay the same price form Chineese made goods.

The microscope arrived and it was a Kassoy brand, make in China, NOT
Canada, with Lecia optics.

They also shipped the microscope with UPS when I asked for Fed EX,
who is much better when sending goods to Canada.

Any help would be nice, in the meantime, watch out for this supplier.