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Problems with Grobet saw

Hello all,

I am going crazy here with my saw. Suddenly my saw blade slips out
of the bottom vise at random moments, sometimes breaking the blade
but mostly annoying me. Other times I have a hard time slipping the
saw blade in as far as it should go to get a good grip when the
screw-vise is closed. I have gone through the following checklist:
Have not changed blade brands/stock (ie no faults introduced there)
The screw is tight and not worn (either on the face or the thread)
Have cleaned the entrance hole for the saw blade.Have taken apart the
entire thing and cleaned it, ultrasonic, steam etc.Asked my husband
(!) Stamped my fist on the desk Is there anyone who can tell me what
on earth is going on??


Is this the Grobet frame where the blades fit into small round holes
in the frame rather than being held by a visible clamp? I had this
same problem and finally switched back to a basic old-style saw
frame. Sometimes when I would remove the screw holding the blade I
would find a small bit of broken blade in there and this would
sometimes (not always) resolve the problem. It just kept causing me
trouble, so when I saw a nice German made saw frame at a yard sale I
bought it and it has given me no trouble at all.