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Problem with PEPE EZ-CAST machine

Hi dear Ganoskin fellows!

I have a question and i hope the ultimate wisdom of this fellowship will be able to help me.

I the studio where i work there is a EZ-Cast machine which worked for years. Recently the flexible coupling between electrical motor and oil pump broke down. I suspect that this happened because allen bolt holding the coupling got loose.
People do you know where i can buy a replacement?
Pleeeease help


Assuming you are in the us
You can try yellow-pages look under electric motor supply. What you are looking for is called a flexible coupling. You will. Need to know the diameter of the 2 shafts, and the overall length and if there was a key oh just held by Allen screws.

If no one local then
If in another country, let us all know then someone local might be able to help

Thanks, I am in USA.