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Problem with Mizzy heatless

Have any of you had this problem? Many years ago I acquired a
"string" of Mizzy “heatless” grinding wheels, 3/4" in diameter. I
have used these for over 25 years without a single problem; I’ve
ground heavily and worn down each and every wheel until it’s a mere
nub. A couple of years ago I was beginning to run out of these, so I
ordered a lot from a supplier. When I finally ran out of the old
wheels, I began to use the new ones, but I found out quickly that
even the slightest pressure would often cause the wheels to
disintegrate and fly into pieces. So far, nnone of these wheels have
exhibited the great strength of the older wheels; in fact, they are
hardly usable by minimal standards at all. Not a single wheel has
lasted beyond the first levels of reduction, much less to the "nub"

I notified my supplier, who delivered a “return” package for the
product without even so much notifying me of that delivery. I
returned MOST of them, retaining a few for the interim, but they
never notified me of their results, much less the refund which showed
up on my on-line bank account statement. I was not very happy with
their handling of this problem.

I also went out on an internet hunt for the company that
manufactures the Mizzy line, without any success. Have any of you had
this problem with this particular product? Does anyone know who makes
the Mizzy heatless wheels and how to get a hold of them?

Chris van Laer

Toll Free USA: 800-333-3131. Mizzy USA Cherry Hill NJ the newer ones
fly apart…AJS has some older stock still available last time I
enquired ( American Jewelers Supply) in boxes of 50.

Mizzy Wheels are handled (manufactured???) by Keystone Dental.
1-800-333-3131. If you call them and explain the problem they should
be able to help you.

Mike & Dale, Your ultrasonic cleaner repair persons.
Lone Star Technical Service

Chris, I use a lot of Mizzy wheels and have never had this problem,
all of mine get worn down to nubs, too. I get mine (in the US) from and I suspect that these are old stock, since they
are a surplus company.

Donna in VA


Never had a problem with Mizzy wheels, not sure who is the
manufacturer but call Dedeco International Inc, 1-800-431-3022.
Always good service and helpful. Get their catalog, They are the
manufactures of many of the great rotary tools and their Koolies “no
heat” grinding wheels are so similiar to the Mizzy that I suspect
they are the manufacturer of both brand names. If you use rubberized
wheels in a hand piece their “White Flexies” are a shop favorite for
18k, They dress to a firm edge with just enough flex, also if you
make your own lathe form-tools the set of “instrument Sharpeners” is
great for honing. Overall their quality is superb, you’ll find quite
a few familiar products.

Dennis Smith - Thejewelmaker