Problem in polishing fire Opal

Dear Sir, We are the manufacturers of fire opal cutstones and beeds.
However,we are having trouble in polishing the stone. As the stone is
soft,we are having trouble in getting proper polish on the stone.Can you
helpus by telling the process of polishing the stone and also about the
polishing materials to be used in the process. Thank you Manish agarwal

Hi Manish -

Your problem sounds similar to one we saw a week or two ago with Peruvian
opal: the solution is the same: polish on hard felt using cerium oxide and
a goodly amount of water. The idea is to prevent any heat buildup, while
promoting a good polish.


manish - as a self-taught (to save any instructor from embarrassment)
lapidary jeweler, i came up with a ‘swipe’ method of polishing my opals,
lapis, etc., that puts a glass shine on them in seconds after the
prepolish grinding. i was just about to throw out an old leather skirt
when i remembered the cost of leather buff pads, so i cut it into 6" pads
each with a smooth side & a rough side. i figured that if tripoli worked
well on metals why not try it on the rough side of pad? it worked! a
saturated coating of tripoli worked beautifully! even ‘fabulustre’ has
worked well. when it starts taking more than a few ‘swipes’ to get a
polish, i recondition the leather with a hacksaw blade & add more tripoli

  • lots of it. BUT you have to really have a good grip, or dop, on the
    stones because they can launch themselves into space. good luck - ive

Dear…Sir… In Opal polishing,usually we use The Tin Oxinde 99% for
polishing.In process,usually use 2 step of polishing.First is for polishing
grain and second is for polishing make waxy phenomena.