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Problem etch

Hi, this is my first day on the web so please excuse my
ignorance. I am also very poor at spelling. I should have said in
my introduction that I was a student, not an amateur. Anyway I
did an etching without planing the pice out beforhand, and I’v
run into a problem. I textured my copper disk with a ball peen
hammer befor I etched my desighn. I applied liver of sulfur to
the piece, sanded the raised area hoping to remove the black
patina, but could not get it out of the hammered texture. The
only solution I can think of is to plan think each step through
more carfuly next time, or save it for an enamaling class.


Hi Isaac,
You can remove all of the patina by putting the copper into a
Sparex solution. It will remove tarnish as well as flux. You can
also remove it by useing fine sandpaper and patience. Yes, I know
that you already did this but it can be done. Use a small piece
and use the pad of your index finger to kinda wipe around each
little depression…sound like fun? You can also try some of the
fiber “scrubies” from the supermarket or hardwear store. Steel
wool will also work but don’t get any little shreads on sterling
which is to be soldered. We all learn as we go. Marilyn Smith