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Private and YAK

Note: this is not jewelry-related.

Some of you may remember my posts about David in July and August.

I’ll be leaving for Oregon tomorrow with my husband to be with our
son as he has his second cardiac catheterization.

This is another attempt to correct Wolff Parkinson White syndrome -
the presence of an extra electrical connection between the upper and
lower chambers of the heart. This abnormal pathway intermittently
generates an electrical circuit which produces a potentially life
threatening ventricular fibrillation (very rapid heart rate).

The procedure (radio frequency ablation) involves locating the
pathway by electrical stimulation and destroying it by passing a high
current through it.

There is some possibility that the pathway will be inaccessible from
inside the heart which will require a third procedure later, making
an incision below the ribs to reach the outside of his heart.

Although it won’t be the end of his cardiac problems, correcting
this arrhythmia will give all of us some peace of mind. David will
continue to be monitored because in addition to the WPW syndrome he
also was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. His doctor told him that in
his case, lightening did strike twice as the two are unrelated.
Marfan has wide-ranging effects but the most serious concerns
weakening of the aorta. Eventually he will require a replacement

We would appreciate all positive thoughts or prayers for a
successful outcome.

I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the warmth and support
of this community.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix